"Sgraffito" Textural Style
Lake Visitor
Heron Blues
Night Flight
Paradise in Bloom
Evening Flight
Sea Foal
Pelican Sunset
Reflections - Black Skimmer
Sanibel Blue
Vino (wineglass trivet)
Vino Diva
Diva Del Vino
Viva la Vida
Polo Sunset
Lights 3 - Porsche
Wineglass Trivet
Florentina Rosso
Autobahn C.C.
Spring's Glow
Spring's Hope
Hope Haven
Some Are Lilies
Summer Breeze
Signs of Spring
Lilies All Around
Kneeling Nude
Floral Tapestry
Count Your Blessings
Classical Style
Three Graces and Aphrodite
Mother's Day
Three Muses
Animal Gothic
Glass Ceiling
If Looks Could Kill
Family Lynx
Family Reflections
Let's Roll - Spirit of 9/11
Strawberry Roan
Bear Market
Bull Market
Drinkers of the Wind
Hugs and Kisses
Glass Ceiling (the sculpture 1)
Glass Ceiling (the sculpture 2)


Morgan was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida where he started drawing and painting at age eight.  After college graduation, Morgan pursued a business career which took him to several locations in the United States where he followed his love of art through painting.

Then in 1992, he and his wife Kristy embarked on a dream of owning their own business and pursuing his life-long love of art using themes from nature.  They raised cattle on a farm in the Missouri Ozarks and he continued to paint using many of the animals and much of the natural, local beauty as his subjects.  While there, they founded Double-R-Prints, a graphic arts company that used many of his original images on consumer products and business logos. 

He has shown his artwork continuously over his 50 year career, gaining recognition through art shows and sales.  Themes from nature continue to be the primary subjects of his paintings.  Since nature cannot be improved upon, Morgan has chosen to depict nature themes in his own artistic style called "Sgraffito." 

Morgan's work brings the viewer special textural contrasts and color combinations not found in the subjects depicted.  Working in his own variation of the "sgraffito" painting method, he applies 20 to 30 separate layers of various colored acrylic paints that dry individually on a stretched canvas.  When completely dry, he scrapes the painting with knives, working down to the desired color in the appropriate location on the painting, producing exceedingly multi-colored images with tactile, as well as visual textures.

He lives in Fort Myers with his wife.  Call 309-530-4731 for an appointment to see his paintings or for pricing information. If you have any questions for the artist, you may contact him by e-mail at


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Morgan's wife Kristy has worked with both domesticated and wild animals.  One of her favorite animals is the wolf.  She enjoys educating young people about real wolves and other endangered species while entertaining them with fictional adventures.

Morgan is the illustrator for Kristy's Grizzer the Goofy Wolf book series.  See what Kristy is up to at


Lake Visitor

"Lake Visitor"

Heron Blues

"Heron Blues"

Night Flight

"Night Flight"

In the Community

An Artful New Year for Arts for ACT Gallery
January 2014

Join Arts for ACT Gallery, located at 2265 First Street in downtown Fort Myers on Friday, January 03, 2014 from 6 to 10 pm for the opening reception and art walk for January 2014.  This month, ACT Gallery will feature Morgan Raines' “Sgraffito” art. You can view the show the entire month of January.  Come downtown to see great art and support ACT Gallery.



What's Morgan Up To  ?!?

Take a look at his latest paintings...

Evening Flight

Sea Foal

Pelican Sunset
Morgan's second painting completed
in his studio in Fort Myers, Florida.

Reflections - Black Skimmer
Morgan's first painting completed
in his studio in Fort Myers, Florida.

Sanibel Blue

Viva La Vida


Lights 3 - Porsche

Wineglass Trivet

In the May 2007 edition of TC Style magazine,
there is an article about Morgan's artwork.

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