Adaptation, n., 1. A change in structure, function, or form that produces better adjustment of an animal or plant to its environment., 2. (Sociology) a gradual change in behavior to conform to the prevailing cultural patterns.

Throughout life, "everyman" confronts adversities and deals with each one individually.  Some can be overcome by perseverance.  What cannot be resolved requires "everyman" to change his approach to life in some way, large or small, continually blending himself into a new future.

"Everyman's" very existence depends on how successfully he is at assimilating these changes and going on.

 Footnote: Wolves are the best metaphor for this painting.  These wolves have taken on a chameleon-like change to blend with their altered surroundings.  From extinction to reintroduction in Yellowstone, these elusive creatures continually adjust to each facet of their ever-changing environment, as "everyman" does to his.

Morgan Raines

Acrylic on Gallery Wrap canvas
(with finished edges)
30" x 40"
Prints not available

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