Ad verse, adj., 1. Moving or working in an opposite or contrary direction; opposed,
2. Unfavorable; harmful, 3. Opposite in position.

From the moment of birth, "everyman" faces adversity.  Of all the strife the world throws at him, some rolls off and some sticks.  What sticks is assimilated and absorbed, continually changing and forever shaping his individual character and even physical appearance. 

Everyman is the sum of his adversities, carrying some large, some small record of those that changed his life.  How everyman carries this baggage marks his degree of perseverance.

Footnote: Tulips are the subject of this painting because they are truly the flower to represent "everyman."   From growing wild in their native Persia where even the poor enjoyed them, to "Tulipmania" in 17th century Holland where vast fortunes were made or lost for the wealthy in the Tulip Futures Market, they have been associated with the impoverished as well as affluent.  From having a religious significance to Allah for Muslims, to becoming an emblem for the Chalice (Holy Grail) in many Christian faiths, they represent an association between man and his Creator.  From rich-man/poor-man to Muslim/Christian, they are a bridge between men that rarely exists.

 Morgan Raines


Acrylic on Gallery Wrap canvas
(with finished edges)
36" x 48"
Prints not available

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