Faith, n., 1. Unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence,
2. Complete trust, confidence or reliance.

"Everyman" relies on hopes and dreams to face life's adversities.  Hope provides a "light at the end of the tunnel" to sustain our perseverance and guide us to our dreams.  It usually ends with a clear idea of the outcome desired.  But hope doesn't necessarily provide details of how to overcome adversity and achieve our dreams.  "Everyman" depends on faith to sustain him on a course of action that may not be certain to achieve the outcome provided by hope alone.   

Faith is "everyman's" ultimate form of hope.

 Footnote: In this painting, the sunrise/sunset is a recognizable outcome.  But a web of lines and colors obscure the path to achieving these hopes and dreams.  "Everyman" must depend on "faith" to bridge the gaps and keep hope alive.

Morgan Raines


Acrylic on Gallery Wrap canvas
(with finished edges)
24" x 30"
Prints not available

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