Hope, n., 1. A feeling that what is wanted will happen;  desire accompanied by expectation,
2. A preferred outcome anticipated from an array of possibilities, without absolute control.

"Everyman's" purpose in life is to overcome adversities that life presents, from birth to the moment of death.  With perseverance, most are resolved successfully, while some are not.  No matter what the outcome of each problem, "everyman" can count on an endless supply of challenges to his well-being and even his very existence. 

Such situations would rapidly deplete life's joy if it weren't for one special characteristic "everyman" possesses . . . . Hope.  Hope is the mortar that holds "everyman's" life together as each adversity is overcome and he goes on to face the next. 

Footnote: A sunrise/sunset is the perfect metaphor to symbolize hope.  It represents "everyman's" continually changing and sometimes conflicting goals.  When first viewing the painting, the phrase "light at the end of the tunnel" naturally comes to mind.  And it reminds the viewer that keeping one's attention on the desired goal is necessary for successfully resolving any problem.  But other aspects of the painting are just as important.  Bright colors are used to symbolize distractions that can keep "everyman" from achieving the goal.  The uneven, indistinct path and many darker areas serve as a reminder of the obstacles and unknown pitfalls that can arise to dash all hope on the rocks of adversity unless "everyman" is determined and perseveres. 

Morgan Raines


Acrylic on Gallery Wrap canvas
(with finished edges)
36" x 48"
Prints not available

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