Obsession, n., 1. The fact or state of being obsessed with an object, desire, emotion, etc.,
2. A persistent desire, emotion, etc. that cannot be overcome by reasoning.

From birth to the moment life ends, "everyman" is subjected to desires and emotions that can lead to obsessions.  Only by reasoning can each one be avoided.  But if "everyman" succumbs to an obsessive desire, progress in life stops.  Until the obsession is overcome, "everyman" faces wall after wall of obstacles that prevent experiencing his true potential.

 Footnote: Poppies are the perfect metaphor for this painting.  Unlike most flowers that are known mainly for their beauty, poppies have a split personality.  Beautifully attractive, but addictively deadly as heroin.  As an obsession, their narcotic represents the end to a normal life.  Life can only resume, and the brick wall torn down, when the object of the obsession is finally discarded.

Morgan Raines

Acrylic on Gallery Wrap canvas
(with finished edges)
30" x 40"
Prints not available

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