Per se vere,  vi.,  1. To continue in some effort, course of action, or direction toward a goal in spite of difficulty, opposition, etc.,  2. Be steadfast in purpose,  3. Persist.

From the moment of birth, and for the rest of life, "everyman" is beset by adversities.  How he chooses to handle each one determines the course of his life.  The ability to adapt to these adversities, and continue undeterred, is a measure of "everyman's" perseverance.

Footnote: The Lotus flower and Koi fish, with their strong Asian symbolism, are perfect metaphors to represent the perseverance of "everyman."  In Japanese symbolism, Lotus flowers represent hardships in life that have been overcome.  The small bud forms at the bottom of a pond in the mud and muck.  It slowly grows toward the surface continually moving toward the light.  Once it emerges, the bud begins to blossom into a beautiful flower.  The Koi fish is highly revered in Japan for it's great strength to swim against the current.  Symbolically, it likewise represents strength of purpose and perseverance over adversity.

         In spite of the painting's deceivingly serene setting, these two symbols represent the struggle of "everyman's" life in it's most basic form.

Morgan Raines

Acrylic on Gallery Wrap canvas
(with finished edges)
30" x 40"
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